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Micro Braids & Braiding Services

Would you like to receive high-quality and affordable hair braiding services within Everett, WA? Have you been searching for a well-established braiding salon within your local area where you can receive the most stylish micro braids? Well, look no further than Rohi’s African Braids, where we specialize in carrying out professional hair braiding services in a polite and friendly environment. Our highly accredited hair braiding salon is famously known as the best facility in and around Everett, WA where you can receive the neatest and most versatile braids at a reasonable price. You’ll never have to go anywhere else to find a wide variety of different braiding services that are tailor-made to suit your specific needs. We keenly listen to our clients’ feedback in order to continuously improve our services so as to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. We encourage you to contact us today and we’ll be delighted to offer you excellent braiding services in a fast and professional manner.

Have you been looking to find a top-notch beauty center in Everett, WA that offers the most exquisite micro braids that perfectly complement your face and reflect your individual style? Would you like to locate a qualified beauty expert who is widely experienced in micro braiding that will enhance your natural beauty? Well, you have definitely come to the right place. Welcome to Rohi’s African Braids, the leading hair and beauty service provider in Everett, WA and its environs. We not only specialize in African braiding to meet the unique needs of each client, but we also insist on using world-class beauty products as well as the most effective and safe installation techniques so as to ascertain that you will receive the best possible results within a short period of time.

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